96: Dominique Broadway, How to Treat Your Business Like a Business - the Creative Empire podcast

Personal finance coach, speaker, and the founder of Finances Demystified & The Social Money Tour Dominique Broadway is Reina and Christina’s guest on The Creative Empire podcast this episode. The heart of this episode is about how to treat your business like a business. Dominique shares how often you should look at your financials, easy tools to start budgeting with, and how to work on a retainer business model so you make more consistent income. Also discussed this episode is advice for business owners who want to take the leap from their 9-5 to full-time entrepreneur, what debt is okay to take one, and how to have money conversations with your children. [audio mp3="http://creativeempire.co/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/24-815-post/EP-96-Dominique-Broadway.mp3"][/audio]

Show Highlights:

  • Why we struggle with money
  • How to have money conversations with children
  • Why a lot of creative businesses fail
  • What advice Dominique has for business owners who want to go from their 9-5 to full-time entrepreneur
  • What budgeting tools Dominique recommends
  • How often you should look at your business financials
  • What Dominique's stance on taking on debt for your business is
  • How to know if something is a good investment
  • How to start working on a retainer so you have consistent income each month + how retainers work
  • How to take your business seriously

Show Notes:

Dominique’s Bio:

Dominique Broadway is an award winning Personal Finance Coach, Speaker, Finance Expert and the Founder of Finances Demystified & The Social Money Tour. Dominique has received various accolades such as the Top 30 Under 30 in Washington DC, the DC Future Business Leader of America Businessperson of the Year and the Top Financial Advisor for Millennials in the US. Dominique’s demystified financial advice, has been highlighted on Yahoo!, Huffington Post, Forbes, USA Today, Black Enterprise, Marketwatch.com, Ebony Magazine, Levo League, Refinery29 and other media outlets. She has a strong passion for working with young professionals, entrepreneurs and people of all ages to bring their Dreams2Reality.

Dominique’s Social Handles:

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