how to get accepted as a guest

We receive a lot of pitches every week for guest spots. Unfortunately, most of them are really, really awful.

We've created this resource to help you get on our show, sans the last name "Porterfield," "Forleo," or "Vaynerchuk." For the record, none of whom have been guests so far, but are 1000000% welcome anytime. We hope you'll join our impressive roster of guests that include Emily Ley, Jacqueline Nwobu and many more creatives building their empire.


ratings + reviews

Leaving us a rating + review on iTunes is not a guarantee that you will get on our show, but it does help us tell whether you've actually ever listened. It's important for the listeners to feel connected to our guests, and the best way to do that is to be one of them. 

If you can reference and episode or two or incident mentioned on our show, it helps the audience to connect with you as a guest. Plus, we're a sucker for high ratings and good reviews, duh.



The irony isn't lost on me writing a post about how to be humble. But here's what we see:

"Please tell me when your next available recording time is for Ms.XYZ."

"I look forward to coming on your show."

"I think you'll agree that XYZ is a perfect fit for your show."

There's nothing that will make me erase your email faster and give you a big fat, "NOPE," than any of the above sentences (or something like them). We much prefer guests who are willing to be flexible, unassuming and definitely not demanding.


willingness to share

What Reina and I don't talk about a lot is how much money and time we put into each show. Not only is it the recording time, it's the time fielding inquiries and time before and after making sure our guests are comfortable. And oh boy, don't even get us started on the monthly expenses of editing, assistants and more. 

We're more than happy to do it but there's nothing that hurts more than a guest who purely uses us for our platform and moves on like she just stepped on gum. 

It doesn't have to be huge, but if your guest (or you) knows that you don't have the time or willingness to share out your episode, we don't have an interest in producing a show purely for your benefit. Sure, your content is interesting, which is why we're asking you to share it if you really believe in it.


interesting take on things

We know, we know, you think you (or your guest) is interesting. But after nearly 200 episodes, it's becoming harder to be a rare jewel. Not impossible though. 

Please take a look through our Show Notes and use the search feature on the right side menu to see who has been on our show recently, and how you can be different from them.

Bonus tip: if you make our job easy by giving us topics, we are much more likely to accept your pitch because you've just done a huge amount of work for us.