Episode 125: Empire Mentoring Session: Confidence + Booking Your First Client, with Chelsey Nelson - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina for this Empire Mentoring session is Chelsey Nelson, a photographer and blogger based out of Louisville, Kentucky. Chelsey's biggest struggle right now is booking clients and deciding which pathway she was to take her photography business. The trio think through what an ideal client would look like for Chelsey and discuss how to clearly set goals for obtaining clients.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How to add people into your client pipeline [0:03:18]
  • How hard it is to articulate yourself as one of the many [0:04:50]
  • What is a unique value proposition and how to figure it out [0:06:13]
  • How flying into the blue ocean will make things a bit easier [0:12:41]
  • What an ideal client can look like + thinking through the process [0:19:01]
  • How to focus in your business + set and achieve goals [0:21:48]
  • What her first steps are towards booking an ideal client [0:28:32]
No one knows you exist unless you really push for it.
— Chelsea Nelson
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Hi, y'all!  I'm Chelsey.  I'm a believer, grateful wife, wedding and portrait photographer.  I live in Louisville, Kentucky where my husband teaches and attends at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  We're in the thick of Seminary life and loving it. After years of telling myself I wasn't creative, I changed the story I kept telling myself and dove into entrepreneurship.  Maybe willingly listening to entrepreneur success story cd's in high school should have been my first clue!  My aim is to show the world as much of God's beauty as I can, while helping them feel loved and valued.  Right now, it's through photography and blogging.

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