Episode 126: How to Brand in the Art Market, with Catherine Orer - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina today is Catherine Orer, a Business and PR Strategist for artists and creative entrepreneurs of theartistentrepreneur.com. Catherine is chatting about how branding your business as an artist, will be able to help you in the art market.  She also discusses how a regular journaling practice can help an artist, or any creative entrepreneur, gain clarity for sharing with your audience. The trio chat about pricing and Catherine shares about how incorporating a discount into your pricing strategy can be beneficial. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • How the art market has changed [0:03:49]
  • What the steps are to position yourself after branding for an artist [0:06:50]
  • How millennials and custom artwork is affecting the art market [0:10:11]
  • How artists can tell their story a little bit more effectively [0:14:57]
  • Where to start at the beginning of your art career [0:21:50]
  • Why Etsy should not be your main webpage [0:24:09]
  • How to price yourself and artwork [0:30:53]
  • How to incorporate discounts into your pricing strategy [0:37:08]
  • How creating scarcity can help or hinder your business [0:42:04]
You need to build your brand and learn how to sell.
— Catherine Orer
[Millennials] want to first connect with the artist and the message, then the art.
— Catherine Orer
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Catherine Orer is a Business and PR Strategist for artists and creative entrepreneurs. Her extensive marketing and communications experience in the corporate sector and in the contemporary art market inspired her to found The Artist Entrepreneur, where she empowers artists to build personally fulfilling and financially successful businesses with marketing, PR, and sales strategies that actually work. Catherine also teaches at iCMTL, the first business incubator dedicated to cultural and creative entrepreneurs in North America, and sits on the board of the Sylvie and Simon Blais Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting new practices in contemporary art. She has been invited to share her voice about art and business as a contributor to many publications, some of which are The Huffington Post, Colored Pencil Magazine, and ArtSquare.

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