Episode 129: Empire Mentoring Session: Validation + Permission, with Brianne Dosier - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina for this Empire Mentoring session is Brianne Dosier, a photographer, branding strategist, and face behind Brightly & Co. With Brianne, Reina and Christina help her to figure out what her transition into coaching will look like. They discuss the why and how of the transition, as well as the confidence behind the new title. They discuss how easy it is to unintentionally block yourself and how to get past that, to move forward. Also discussed is fear and pre-validation and how both can help you make business decisions. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • How to shift your vision of your business + transitioning [0:04:05]
  • Why giving yourself permission + having a plan, go hand-in-hand [0:08:17]
  • How to stop blocking yourself  [0:10:47]
  • How fear can help and hinder you [0:12:53]
  • Where are you clients coming from and focusing on that [0:20:55]
  • What her pre-validation process has looked like [0:24:07]
There’s such a fear behind letting go of the thing that literally brings in the most money for you.
— Brianne Dosier
It is you owning the fact that you are already freaking doing this work and you’re owning it.
— Brianne Dosier
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Brianne has been a photographer and branding strategist for over 10 years. She just didn’t always know it. These were the projects she did on the side, just for fun, and sometimes she even got paid. After years of pursuing her career in music and working as an administrator for a “real” job Brianne took a leap of faith and started her own company, Brightly & Co. Branding Strategy, Design & Photography + lots of teaching and encouragement, in August of 2015. After experiencing the heart wrenching transition of a dream dying, Brianne knows what it takes to turn a new leaf and pursue that deep passion you may not have known was there. That’s why her heart is in supporting and helping other creatives learn, grow and pursue their passions. When she’s not cultivating brands for driven entrepreneurs, she’s usually teaching/speaking at workshops, having tea chats with friends and watching hilarious comedies (or Disney movies) with her fluffball Kitty and hunky boyfriend.

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