Episode 130: How Passion + Products Can Coexist, with Elizabeth Quintal - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina today is Elizabeth Quintal of Cheeky Days. Elizabeth chats about the idea and philosophy behind her business as well as implementing a philanthropic vision from day one of your business. The trio discuss collaborations and promoting yourself, plus Elizabeth shares how to get out there as a maker.

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Main Takeaways:

  • What the Cheeky Days Box is all about [0:01:12]
  • How to incorporate a philanthropic mission from day one [0:03:11]
  • Why finding others to collaborate with can help your business [0:06:13]
  • What changing from a nonprofit money mindset to entrepreneur mindset [0:09:20]
  • What pricing in your business can look like [0:12:50]
  • How to promote as a maker [0:20:40]
  • What her process is to reach out to unsubscribes + follow-up forms [0:23:13]
  • What some unique challenges are as a service-based business [0:24:55]
  • How to overcome customer objections [0:27:51]
The box really for me started with this idea of how do we teach kids in this generation to think about others and to want to give.
— Elizabeth Quintal
That is one no but there is another yes out there if I keep going.
— Elizabeth Quintal
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Elizabeth Quintal is the founder of Outside The Box by Cheeky Days, a subscription box for families inspiring connection, creativity and community. Elizabeth worked in non-profit for ten years serving homeless children and families in Houston. Outside The Box draws from Elizabeth's experience working for local nonprofits and the realization that a lifestyle of love, kindness and connection can bring about change and build community. Her passion is to raise awareness about the importance of community and the impact each of us can make.

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