Episode 133: How to Make Your Website More Functional, with Katie Williamsen - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina is Katie Williamsen. Katie is the web strategist and designer at Katie Williamsen Web and Social Media, LLC. Katie is talking all about websites and giving you helpful tips to make your website more functional. At the beginning, the trio discuss how each persons background can help influence our businesses. From there, they jump into web design and Katie share lots of useful advice. She shares how navigation of your website is one of the most important pieces to your web design as well as optimizing your blog posts to be scannable and having appealing visuals. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • How our backgrounds can influence our own business [0:01:15]
  • How user experience can help, or hinder, your ideal client [0:05:44]
  • What some of the biggest website mistakes are [0:07:12]
  • How to optimize your blog for visitors [0:10:06]
  • What SEO  + Google Analytics actually are [0:16:08]
  • Why calls to action (CTA's) are a good idea [0:22:54]
  • What the top two things to do for your website [0:26:35]
You want to think about how your ideal client is going to navigate around your website + how you’re going to lead them.
— Katie Williamsen
When you’re doing things to add value and help your readers, that’s going to helping your SEO as well.
— Katie Williamsen
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Katie is the web strategist and designer at Katie Williamsen Web and Social Media, LLC. She’s passionate about helping fellow Boss Ladies create pretty + functional websites that work for them and sharing her knowledge with others. When Katie isn't strategizing with clients or blogging, she’s spending time with her husband, Chad, and their pup Hobbes. She love to travel, create craft cocktails, throw parties and receive snail mail.

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