Episode 136: How To Continue Momentum In Your Business, with Ashleigh Blatt - the Creative Empire podcast

Today Reina and Christina are joined with Ashleigh Blatt of The Power Squad Project. Ashleigh is a money maker for celebrities and high net worth entrepreneurs; her tag line even is, "I make celebrities rich". The trio dive into how Ashleigh got started on this path and she shares how to really put yourself, and your business, out there. She talks about how even celebrities have insecurities about their online presence. They discuss diversifying revenue streams and how to continue momentum in your business. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • How social media + online marketing can grow your business [0:01:06]
  • Why putting yourself out there, with value, is important [0:06:02]
  • How celebrities even insecure about their social media [0:10:39]
  • Why diversifying your revenue streams is a good thing [0:14:08]
  • Why people are buying custom experiences to feel special [0:22:58]
  • How to continue momentum in your business [0:30:11]
  • Where is enough for a business, with gratitude [0:36:24]
Everybody I know, unless they are linked and work with, is in their version of the hustle.
— Ashleigh Blatt
It was offering value, it was doing something that I knew and then getting in front of them in a way that was impactful.
— Ashleigh Blatt
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Money maker for celebrities and high net worth entrepreneurs Ashleigh Blatt came out of her behind-the-scenes role to the forefront as the Chief Curator & Master Motivator within The Power Squad Project, an email community for women entrepreneurs who want to connect with like-minded women entrepreneurs interested building a giant business that gives them freedom, a challenge and an impact on the world.

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