Episode 138: How A Venue Consultant Can Help You, with Lindsay Lucas - the Creative Empire podcast

Lindsay Lucas is the founder of Lean On Me Consulting and she’s at leanonmeconsultants.com, who will be chatting about how she got into venue consulting and why her services are so important for anybody out there considering becoming a venue owner. The trio dive into how Lindsay transitioned from a wedding planner to a vendor consultant and what that has looked like. She also shares tips on what to do before jumping into the wedding venue market and how her services can really help during that transition phase. She also help give advice for wedding vendors on how to stand out to venues and help create relationships. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • How she transitioned from a wedding planner to vendor consulting [0:01:46]
  • Who is getting into the wedding venue market [0:07:00]
  • What you should do, before jumping into the venue market [0:09:37]
  • Why hiring a venue consultant can help you create a venue [0:11:21]
  • What the biggest hurtles are during venue creation [0:13:51]
  • Why to think about your "why" [0:23:38]
  • What venue owners get from her if they hire her as a consultant [0:29:05]
  • How to stand out to venues as a wedding vendor [0:36:07]
I think that more venue owners should share like the not so sexy side of it too.
— Lindsay Lucas
Having your why be bigger than you and be about somebody else serving a greater purpose and serving others I think is key.
— Lindsay Lucas
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Lindsay Lucas is a business consultant for wedding venues and the CEO behind Lean On Me Events, a six-figure wedding planning and design firm based in Houston, Texas. As a business consultant for venues, she's most passionate about giving venue owners a strong foundation to build a business that will give them the life they've only dreamt of. She coaches her clients on how to not only create a successful and streamlined business but how to create one that is also sustainable in an ever-growing field. In the past year alone she’s helped her clients bring in over $1 million in revenue, increased their pricing by over 60% and gave one client the ability to stay home with her 3 children all while running a successful wedding venue from the comfort of her home. Lindsay is now striving to take her business nationally and help others outside of Texas. When she isn’t supporting businesses and building others up she can be found playing outside with her son, trying new restaurants with her husband or drinking way too much sweet tea. Lindsay loves her church, crossfit, laughing with her girlfriends, and reading anything by Jen Hatmaker.

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