Episode 139: Empire Mentoring Session: Creating a Signature Process As A Maker, with Brittany Branson - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Brittany Branson of By Brittany Branson is joining Reina and Christina today for an Empire Mentoring session. At the beginning we dive deep into where Brittany sees herself in her business and where her pressure is coming from. Brittany also chats about how selling her products takes away from her time to create. The trip discuss how to niche down in your market and how to commit to a single mission. In the end, they discuss how to use a process that you create, to brand yourself and make yourself stand out in your market. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • How education is a big part of helping your consumer base learn about your products [0:01:39]
  • What transitioning into a coach can look like [0:06:10]
  • Where the pressure comes from for her, in her market [0:10:42]
  • How selling feels like it takes away from the creative mindset [0:12:30]
  • How hard it is to niche down, but still feel open to new passions [0:17:11]
  • What committing to a single mission can look like [0:19:09]
  • How important pre-validation can be [0:25:45]
  • How to articulate your signature process as a maker [0:26:27]
  • Why you should name your process + take ownership of it [0:31:08]
I am wondering if we can involve people rather than you creating for yourself.
— Brittany Branson
It’s just a matter of fine tuning it and finding those dreamies and making sure I’m doing all I can to articulate my value.
— Brittany Branson
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After spending a few years working in arts legislation at the local and federal levels, Brittany couldn’t help but follow that small whisper to leave it behind and become an artist herself! As the painter and creative mind behind By Brittany Branson | Wedding Paper, Art, and Live Painting, she loves celebrating life and love stories through her whimsical brush strokes and ethereal color schemes. With a heart to encourage wedding professionals to utilize art as a unique foundation for styling and design, Brittany is also incredibly passionate about helping left and right brained humans alike work their creative muscles to diversify their God given talents and serve others in more beautiful ways! She’s a sundress-loving Jersey Girl now hailing from Maryland’s gorgeous Eastern Shore. When not at her easel, Brittany’s devouring Starbucks very berry hibiscus refreshers (no berries, no water), oogling over fresh flowers, loving on her airline pilot hubby Tim, and smothering their rescue pup Bolt with kisses.

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