Episode 140: How Pinterest Can Influence Your Audience + Help You Plan, with Sarah Morgan - the Creative Empire podcast

This Creative Empire podcast episode Reina and Christina chat with Sarah Morgan of XO Sarah. Sarah is a digital strategist who has built a career around helping bloggers and other small business owners kick ass online. The trio start with Sarah about how she got into the e-book market and what the evolution of Pinterest has looked like. Sarah then shares the 4 things for quick visibility on Pinterest: good content, having a business profile, joining group boards and using a Pinterest scheduler. After discussing Pinterest in depth, Sarah also discussing blogging and how to batch your content to use as material on all platforms. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • How she jumped into the e-book market [0:02:41]
  • What the Pinterest evolution has looked like for her [0:04:42]
  • What some quick wins for Pinterest visibility [0:07:25]
  • How to maintain your Pinterest + tips [0:19:09]
  • Why you should experiment on your Pinterest [0:23:13]
  • How promoted pins are doing [0:24:20]
  • How to help people see you + your content [0:29:35]
  • Why you should use links to point people to your content [0:32:01]
  • How to find inspiration + batch blogging content [0:34:53]
(For Pinterest) A really boring title like that is helpful because it’s got the keywords that people are going to be searching for.
— Sarah Morgan
Google doesn’t love 500 word blog post. It likes 3,000 word blog post but I am not that ambitious. I try for 1,500 words.
— Sarah Morgan
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Sarah Morgan is an Emmy Award-winning digital strategist who’s been blogging and building websites since age 13. Over 20 years later, she’s built a career around helping bloggers and other small business owners kick ass online. In 2012 she escaped a corporate web design job to run away with the circus (literally!) and strike out on her own. Through her online courses, blog, and books, Sarah strives to help her students and readers build an online presence that fuels their passion for what they do without overwhelm getting in the way. She shares all of her blog and social media-boosting secrets at XOSarah.com and on social media @xosarahmorgan.

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