Episode 141: Being Real With Business Struggles + Burnout, with Megan Elizabeth - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina is Megan Elizabeth, the Founder of Art By Megan. Meghan is a  NYC abstract painter and illustrator. Megan dives right in to talking about balancing projects as an artist, but also the struggles time management and productivity. She chats about how the Rising Tide Society and the idea behind "community over competition" really resonates with her. The trio discuss what success can look like and how the definition can change over time for each entrepreneur. They also get real about burnout and how it can affect all of us. [audio mp3="http://creativeempire.co/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/28-1143-post/EP-141-Megan-Elizabeth.mp3"][/audio]

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Main Takeaways:

  • How to balance multiple projects at one time [0:02:28]
  • How time management looks like for her [0:04:16]
  • What productivity can look like [0:10:03]
  • What the idea is behind "community over competition [0:15:29]
  • How the success definition can change for you [0:21:18]
  • What changes in business can look like [0:27:23]
  • What her business struggles are a few years in [0:29:59]
  • Why you should set goals or you can really get burnt out [0:32:46]
  • How a random trip can refresh you [0:36:54]
When creative people help each other out, that so much magic can happen.
— Megan Elizabeth
Productivity doesn’t always look like someone walking quickly with a briefcase, it can be anything.
— Megan Elizabeth
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Founder of Art By Megan- NYC abstract painter and illustrator. Megan lives and works in Brooklyn, NY with her little family. Megan is a Community Team member at Honeybook and NYC Rising Tide Society leader, in addition to her roles as a painter, illustrator and super-mom. Megan loves adventure, travel, painting and joyfully celebrating the journey as a creative entrepreneur.

Artist's statement:

My paintings are each a memory.  So often, I visit a place and immediately look around and think, “I will paint this moment”.  Whether it is a beach scene, beautiful flowers in a tote bag on the subway, or a simple moment walking in nature, I collect memories and turn them into my paintings. Inspiration for all of my artwork comes from waterscapes, sunsets, bright colors in nature, and the silhouettes created by extreme light or darkness. I absolutely love working as a painter and am constantly exploring new ideas in my work.

*New work will be available at www.artbymegan.com on Sunday, October 15 at 8am EST!  For a sneak peek email, VIP discount access and/or to schedule a studio visit in NYC, sign up for Megan’s newsletter on her site.

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