Episode 142: Engagement + Course Creation with MemberVault, with Mike Kelly - the Creative Empire podcast

This Creative Empire podcast episode Reina and Christina chat with Mike Kelly of Member Vault. Mike dives into explaining what MemberVault is and what seems to be stopping people from creating new courses. The trio talk about the "curse of the expert" and how so many things could make valuable courses. Also discussed is how courses can become a revenue stream and how MemberVault can help you with engagement in your course. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • What some common hurtles are for entrepreneurs to create a course [0:06:29]
  • How the "curse of the expert" can hinder you [0:10:57]
  • What the different angle is about MemberVault [0:14:53]
  • How MemberVault is offering freebies to our listeners [0:26:07]
  • How to use free mini courses to upsell [0:30:54]
  • What may be simple for you, may be difficult for others [0:34:41]
  • Why you should niche down to sell courses [0:36:04]
  • How to use Member Vault as a tool [0:41:59]
We really want to empower people who are just starting out especially, that they can do this.
— Mike Kelly
I love having that knowledge. The problem is I can never unknow it. Things that are obvious and easy to me are not to other people.
— Mike Kelly


Mike Kelly is the Co-Founder and developer of MemberVault, a content platform who's focus in on maximizing engagement for all of your content. He's currently living the full time RV lifestyle with his wife (other co-founder), 15 month old son, and hound dog. Currently parked near Seattle, Washington.

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