Episode 148: Jam Session with Reina + Dannie, Big Plan for the Creative Mind - the Creative Empire podcast

Today is a jam session with our co-hosts Christina and Reina, plus Dannie Fountain. Reina and Dannie are jamming out about their new book, that was just released this past Tuesday. The Duo jump into what makes goal setting important and their reasons for wanting a book like this created. They chat about how they break down parts of each guest expert, so that the reader can really identify with parts of their lives. The book boasts a lot of information and takeaways, so they explain the best way to digest the book.

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Main Takeaways:

  • What makes goal setting important [0:02:37]
  • How they have guest experts to give ideas for planning [0:05:14]
  • What the most common thing they found while creating this book [0:10:47]
  • How to be proactive while reading the book + how to digest it all [0:16:13]
  • Why you need to take in compliments [0:19:57]
  • What the clear focus of the book was [0:28:55]
Writing your goals down sets you up to be exponentially more successful, and all it takes is pen to paper.
— Dannie Fountain
Before you plan, you have to reflect.
— Reina Pomeroy
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About The Big Plan for the Creative Mind:

We believe that because just because we are more creative, more right brained, more flow or intuition oriented, doesn’t mean that one should not plan. In fact, there is an opportunity to do it differently - there's not just one way to do goal setting.

When you Google goal setting books, you find very corporate style, linear left brain books. A lot of creative types and people who want a little bit more flow get turned off by this. They’re planning or flowing in a way that doesn't really identify with that left brain linear type of planning. In the past, maybe if they've had a corporate job or had some kind of a structure that is very left-brain dominant, they’ve been told that their process is wrong or they're made to feel inadequate in the way that they do things.

In the creative industry there are plenty of tools like Power Sheets, the Conquer Kit, Your Best Year or the Fresh Start Notebook that are breaking the mold of the standard goal-setting book. These leaders are writing and creating content around these topics, but what we fail to see is a collection housed together where their unique goal-setting strategies, mindset, and execution are being showcased. This is an opportunity for the creative industry to get a glimpse of what it's like both in people's businesses and in their lives.

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