Episode 151: Empire Mentoring Session: Finding Focus + Client Insight, with Nicolette Fernandez - the Creative Empire podcast

Photographer and founder of Avner Road Photography, Nicolette Fernandez, is Reina and Christina’s guest on The Creative Empire podcast in this Empire Mentoring Session. The trio dive right into talking about focusing in on aspects of business and what rescue time really means.  They share how time tracking can really help you as a business owner, to see what parts of your business are taking the most amount of time. The trio also discuss finding focal points in your business and how client communication is critical to help your business grow. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • How to figure out where to dive in and focus on investing time in a certain area of business + rescue time [0:01:58]
  • How time tracking can help you figure out what you're spending your time on [0:03:30]
  • What working or in your business looks like + finding focal points [0:06:39]
  • Why to figure out where you clients have came from + ask them questions [0:12:52]
  • Why to trade your services to build your portfolio [0:20:52]
  • How to determine your focal points [0:24:46]
  • How listening to people can help you figure out how your ideal clients feel [0:26:53]
As soon as you call yourself something, it’s almost like you see everybody else who is out there doing it.
— Nicolette Fernandez
It takes dedication to not do all the things so that we can concentrate on the things that matter most to us.
— Nicolette Fernandez
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Nicolette is a wife to her sweetheart, mama to an active toddler and believer that joy can be found in the everyday. After 9 years as a college administrator, she took a leap of faith to stay home with her son and launch her photography business full time. She realized her business could be used as a way to pursue her passion of motherhood and serve her family, while using her creativity to encourage and serve others. Nicolette specializes in lifestyle sessions for newborns and branding for creative entrepreneurs. These niches allow her to run alongside her clients, celebrating with them, pouring in words of love and support, while providing images that share their story.

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