Episode 152: Living By Design, with Katie Den Ouden - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are joined today by Katie Den Ouden and Katie is an entrepreneur, freedom lifestyle coach and holistic business strategist. She teaches ambitious women how to live and lead by design instead of by default so that they can become the womEn that they’ve always known they can be. At the beginning of the episode Katie jumps in to talk about the difference between living by default and living by design means. Shes asks us all why we are not living more intentionally and helps us to think about how to cut out the fluff. She talks all about the abundance mindset and why we should shift to that. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • What living by default means + living by design means [0:01:45]
  • What it looks like to live by design [0:04:15]
  • How to identify seasons + what is essential [0:06:49]
  • How to start being intentional in your business design [0:13:43]
  • What her 90 day set-up looks like + cutting out the "fluff" [0:15:22]
  • What the abundance mindset looks like + how to shift into this [0:29:43]
  • How to fit service-based activities in your business [0:34:02]
It’s not really designing our lives if we’re just imitating someone else or following someone else’s show, someone else’s rules.
— Katie Den Ouden
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As a business owner, you can’t be on 24/7 all the time 365 days of the year.
— Katie Den Ouden


Katie Den Ouden is an entrepreneur, freedom lifestyle coach, and holistic business strategist teaching ambitious women how to live & lead by design instead of default, so that they can become the woman they’ve always know they can be. Katie's work {programs, challenges, experiences} meet women in the season of becoming - as a woman, leader, and luminary - and gives the strategy, soul, sisterhood, and self-care to get there.

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