Episode 153: How to be Deliberate In Your Online Business, with Davey + Krista Jones - the Creative Empire podcast

This Creative Empire podcast episode Reina and Christina chat with Davey and Krista Jones of daveyandkrista.com. This power couple specialize in helping businesses create brands and websites that are, not just beautiful but also compelling, and encourage your visitors to take action. At the beginning the Davey and Krista duo dive head first into SEO and how it can really help your business. They share the 3 main pillars of SEO which are: strong content, building relationships (especially through linkbacks on your site), and user experience. After discussing the ins and outs of SEO they jump on to chatting about having a content strategy and how blogging needs to be deliberate for you. Lastly, we talk about mindset shifts and pivoting while in your business.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How SEO can optimize content for your ideal clients [0:03:27]
  • What the 3 main pillars of SEO are [0:06:03]
  • How they define content strategy [0:07:48]
  • Why to be super deliberate on your blog [0:09:44]
  • What shifts have looked like for both of them [0:15:32]
  • What mindset shifts you need to make to pivot [0:20:54]
  • Why "shiny object" syndrome happens [0:27:27]
  • What some ways to get pre-validation [0:34:12]
If you’re not making little changes every day, you are not growing.
As the person goes through your feed, you have to be compelling enough for them to stop looking to what you’re doing.
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Davey and Krista are brand strategists and designers who specialize in helping businesses create brands and websites that are beautiful, compelling, and encourage action. After building a successful photography business and launching the Rising Tide Society, one of the largest communities for creatives in the world, Davey and Krista decided to make helping creatives run better businesses their full time gig. They believe in chasing hard after an intentional life—one that includes fulfilling work, palm trees and blue skies, time with the pups, and—of course—wine and pizza.

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