Episode 154: Core Values + Content Creation In Your Business, with Marie Parks + Jessi Honard - the Creative Empire podcast

Today Reina and Christina are joined by Marie Parks and Jessi Honard of North Star Messaging + Strategy. They serve purpose-driven entrepreneurs and help them figure out what is their outward facing message. The two started the conversation by talking about how they began working together. They transitioned into talking about finding uniqueness in your own brand as well as core values. Once you find those, the ladies talk about finding your core pillars that will drive your content strategy.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How the two women began their partnership [0:01:39]
  • How to really find your uniqueness + stand out qualities [0:04:23]
  • Why you should focus on core values [0:10:47]
  • How to feel in control of your content + core pillars [0:14:17]
  • What an example of an effective content strategy looks like [0:21:23]
  • Why you need to find a place to start with consistency [0:27:20]
  • What some pieces to create time for [0:29:40]
  • What is important to notice about your competition [0:36:35]
I think it’s so possible to try new things and to tap in to new things while digging deeper rather than spreading wider.
— Marie Parks
You can change what you do and you can change how you do it but you can’t change who you are.
— Jessie Honard
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Jessi Honard is a self-professed word nerd whose copy packs a powerful, persuasive punch. She puts her years in marketing + education to work, empowering entrepreneurs to achieve big results. Marie Parks is a compulsive writer with an eye for detail (thanks to years of nonprofit grant writing) and the coveted ability to combine heart + logic. Her copy makes readers stop, drop, and read. Together, they help purpose-driven entrepreneurs find their true north and make a lasting positive impact.

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