Episode 158: Clarity + Funnels, with Jessica Rodriguez - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina today is a big influencer in the creative community, Jessica Rodriguez, who is a business and visibility strategist. She is also the host of the #daydreamachievers podcast and movement, which serves purpose-driven women and helps them scale their online business from four-figure months to six-figure years. The trio start the episode by talking with Jessica about how she started her business and how it has transformed many times. Jessica gives us lots of reasons and actionable tips about finding clarity in in your business. The conversation is then shifted into funnels and how you find what people need, to help your own business. In the end, Jessica shares her tool to map out funnels for you. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • How entrepreneurship started for her [0:01:33]
  • What some of the limiting beliefs in this creative industry are [0:06:40]
  • How being aware of your weaknesses can help your business [0:09:45]
  • Why you have to get clear before you brand + spending money [0:12:10]
  • What going towards your goal looks like with Jessica [0:17:03]
  • Why you have to change your mindset to shift your business [0:19:24]
  • What are Click Funnels are + how they can grow your business [0:21:20]
  • How to really start selling + finding out what people need [0:29:42]
  • What some tools are to map out funnels [0:35:45]
Put some blinders on and stay on your lane.
— Jessica Rodriguez
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Sometimes there’s different ways that you can express that creativity for yourself.
— Jessica Rodriguez


Jessica Rodriguez is a Business and Visibility Strategist, Podcast Host, and founder of the #daydreamachievers movement - serving purpose-driven women scale their online business from four figure months to six figure years, without compromising the life they truly want in order to do so. Within the first year of her business, she went from working 4 jobs and carrying $120k worth of debt to replacing her income to become a full-time lifestyle entrepreneur along with becoming completely consumer debt free just a few years later. Through her 1:1 work and her Achievers Circle membership community, she has committed herself to helping women create their own freedoms in life - both personally and financially. When she’s not helping people create massive growth in their online business, you can find her curled up on the couch with her husband and furbabies Netflix binging or traveling to the next adventure life brings. Jessica can be found at thedaydreamachiever.com.

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