Episode 159: Finding the Story Behind Your Business, with Michelle Khouri - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina today is Michelle Khori. Michelle is an arts and culture writer and the host of The Cultured Podcast. From the beginning the trio dive right in to chatting about Michelle's business and how she started her podcast. She shares tips on how to write your own bio and reflects on how bullying has impacted her and her business. Michelle shares about her consulting business, plus lots of helpful tips for new business owners.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How she helps people tease out their stories [0:04:44]
  • What her tip is for helping you write a bio [0:08:25]
  • How bullying has impacted her business [0:10:15]
  • Why she created The Cultured Podcast [0:14:07]
  • How she reaches her target demographic and audience [0:16:22]
  • What her consulting business can do for your business + results [0:19:56]
  • How to maximize client experiences [0:28:42]
  • What a consultant vs a team member feels like [0:30:19]
  • How to set effective boundaries [0:32:33]
  • What combating burnout can look like [0:38:11]
There is so many products on the market that what differentiates those are the vision, they why of those products, the belief.
— Michelle Khouri
I am a firm believer that every single human – actually, every living thing, has a cool interesting story.
— Michelle Khouri
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Michelle Khouri is an arts and culture writer and the host of The Cultured Podcast, a weekly show that unearths intriguing perspectives in art, theatre, travel, design and literature while digging at the roots of what inspires us. Aside from her work as a storyteller, Michelle helps businesses bring their narratives to life as a branding and content development consultant. Visit www.michellekhouri.com to learn more about her consulting work and www.culturepodcast.com to get your weekly dose of culture.

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