Episode 161: Empire Mentoring Session: Finding Value + Setting Goals, with Jesi Parker Ekonen - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Christina and Reina are joined with Jesi Parker Ekonen for an Empire Mentoring Session. Jesi is a designer from Michigan and the owner behind Just Follow Your Art gift shop. The trio dive head first into what Jesi is currently working on and talk about what type of content she is creating. They talk about showcasing and leading with value as a business owner. They then discuss how to pre-validate ideas if you are a product based shop and your not sure which direction to head. Lastly they discuss goals and the importance of having one as a product based business.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How to behind a sales goal + black Friday talk [0:03:52]
  • How content is being pushed out + type of content [0:10:09]
  • What showcasing your value can look like [0:12:34]
  • Why you need a unique value proposition [0:17:53]
  • How values can make you stand out [0:19:14]
  • How digital downloads can help pre-validate ideas [0:21:39]
  • Why you should watch other seller when you are first starting + testing ideas [0:27:01]
  • Why a product based businesses need to set goals [0:29:47]
"My art is a reflection of who I am, and part of that are my values." -Jesi

Show Notes:

"The reason why I market around the holidays is because those big companies have already done the leg work for me and put people into a buying mindset." -Christina
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Jesi Ekonen is the MI designer and owner of Just Follow Your Art gift shop. Just Follow Your Art is home to pretty & witty hand lettered gifts and decor. Jesi's art is sometimes inspirational, often relatable, and always paired best with a cocktail. Feel good about your purchase- a portion of all proceeds are donated to a cause near and dear to the artist. Cheers!

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