Episode 163: Bookkeeping + Processes, with Stephanie Thacker - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina today is founder of Steadfast Bookkeeping Co, Stephanie Thacker. Today we are talking all about the in's-and-out's of bookkeeping as a small business owner. Stephanie jumps right in by talking about how she came to be a bookkeeper for creatives and the unique challenges she sees that creatives face. The trio discuss the "feast and famine" mindset and she shares how to overcome that with budgeting. She shares tips for budgeting. Lastly, she chats about her process and the nitty-gritty of bookkeeping, like not mixing your personal and business funds.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How Steadfast Bookkeeping started + how she became a bookkeeper for Creatives [0:02:13]
  • What some unique challenges for creative business owners are [0:04:14]
  • How to step out of the feast and famine mindset [0:07:34]
  • Why budgeting is so critical as business owner [0:13:28]
  • How to look at the value as a return on investment (ROI) [0:18:59]
  • Why her process is seamless + hiccups along the way [0:29:15]
  • Why you should not mix personal funds with business funds [0:34:38]
  • What is a business expense + saving receipts [0:38:12]
  • How to protect yourself for audits [0:42:32]
I think part of the reason and I really love working with Creatives is just the ambition that I see and just having that go-getter attitude.
— Stephanie Thacker
You never know when your growth is going to come. It might come really, really quick.
— Stephanie Thacker

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Stephanie Thacker is an all around Florida girl who loves being outdoors. Born and raised in Florida, she can’t imagine being anywhere else. Spending the day at the beach with her husband and daughter is her absolute favorite thing to do. She’s also very active in her local church and enjoys leading women in ministry there. She is the founder of Steadfast Bookkeeping Co. which she started in 2011. Steadfast exists to empower small business owners to run the business of their dreams while feeling confident and secure that all financial aspects are handled and your records are being cared for. They offer full service monthly bookkeeping support as well as monthly consulting and general bookkeeping education.

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