Episode 168: Empire Mentoring Session: Teaching + Scaling Struggles, with Sarah Barrett - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined by Sarah Barrett of Sarah B. Calligraphy for a creative empire mentoring session. Sarah creates wedding stationery for brides nationally. At the beginning of the episode Reina and Christina ask Sarah about what she is struggling with. Sarah shares about wanting to teach the behind the scenes of a calligraphy business and how she wants to teach that to others. They discuss what unique value propositions are and how that can influence your audience. Later, they discuss membership sites and how to establish yourself as a teacher. Lastly, Reina shares about her verticals method and how having content buckets can really help you narrow down your focus.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How teaching + mentoring can be part of your business [0:02:25]
  • What you do can help shape your unique value proposition (UVP) [0:03:45]
  • How to ask your audience about what they want [0:07:45]
  • Why membership sites can be daunting [0:08:54]
  • What success looks like for her + how to get there [0:12:50]
  • How teaching is not for everyone + sharing trade secrets [0:17:44]
  • How to establish yourself as a teacher + content creation [0:28:54]
  • How Reina's verticals guide can help you + content buckets [0:32:38]
I think I’ve always had that teaching heart and even helping heart to really help people either build their business or find something that they really want to do and stick to it and really build on their passion.
— Sarah Barrett
Believe it or not, if you have your own business, you have full control over your calendar. It’s our responsibility to take the clients that we can take and set the timelines that we want to set. I think as service providers, we need to be dictating that. We need to be telling people this is the expectation.
— Reina Pomeroy


My name is Sarah Barrett, and I am the owner of Sarah B. Calligraphy. I create wedding stationery for brides nationally who value the art of heirloom calligraphy and attention-to-detail. Although I am a graphic designer by trade (BFA in graphic design), I am a calligrapher by heart. My passions include supporting and helping other creatives with their businesses and empowering brides with lettered details for their wedding. Living in the state of hospitality, you can be sure that my customer service is spot-on with a bit of southern flair!

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