Episode 169: Educational Nugget - Three Legal Steps to Get Your Business Up, with Christina + Reina

Today, Reina and Christina are sharing a new type of episode! The educational nugget episodes are here to help you learn about business practices that can help your business succeed. Today, Christina is sharing some pertinent legal steps to get your business up and running. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • What you need to have a business + contracts [0:05:47]
  • How contracts were not easy for Christina [0:11:45]
  • How the Contract Shop was created + templates [0:16:07]
  • What an EIN (Emplyer Identification Number) is [0:24:48]
  • Why you need to open a business bank account [0:27:51]
  • Why an LLC is beneficial [0:28:05]
  • What business licenses + business insurance do [0:31:24]
  • Why you need to have privacy policies + terms and conditions on your website [0:39:34]
We’re just mapping out and outlining what the relationship is with our client and this is something that you can even explain the clients to take away some of the icks some of the fear around the contract.
— Christina Scalera
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I’m just illustrating a point and that sometimes it’s better to be work expedient and do the efficient thing as a business owner than it is to follow every single rule that’s possibly out there to a tee. If there’s going to be something that comes around and bites you on the butt, you’re going to deal with it at some point and that’s going to happen no matter what in your business.
— Christina Scalera
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