Episode 172: Empire Mentoring Session: Financial Mindset + Setting Goals , with Magen Ferrer - the Creative Empire podcast

Today Reina and Christina are chatting with Magen Ferrer of The Lefty Writer for an empire mentoring session. Magen is a calligrapher who does wedding stationary calligraphy, spot calligraphy, and offers custom fabric pieces. The episode begins with some chat from Magen about what she is struggling with and why she is holding back from going full time. The ladies share that looking at the financials of your business and having financial goals, will help ease her mind. They chat about ways to increase your prices in the future, but the work that goes into it now: having a unique style and systems for your clients. Lastly, they talk about how leaning on your strengths can do wonders and goal setting in your business.

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Main Takeaways:

  • What is holding her back from going full-time [0:03:04]
  • Why you need to start looking at financials for your business [0:04:40]
  • What two things can help to increase prices in the future [0:09:26]
  • How long your quote pricing lasts [0:11:30]
  • How to engage clients + gain clients [0:13:52]
  • Why using stock photos can help a product based business [0:21:20]
  • Why you need to lean on your strengths [0:29:35]
  • How goal setting can really help your business [0:34:07]
Don’t forget what the bottom line is especially in this really critical stage of your growth as you’re bridging that gap from full-time worker to full-time entrepreneur.
— Christina Scalera
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if you don’t know where money is coming from or you don’t have any confidence that things are coming from particular revenue streams or when they are coming in, you really can’t have a sustainable business.
— Reina Pomeroy


Hey everyone! My name is Magen (totally spelled correctly) and I am the calligrapher, owner, and operator of The Lefty Writer, LLC. Let's start with some background info first. I am 28 years young, (freaking out a bit about 30!), a happily married Christian wife and full-time stepmomma of two pre-teens, (Lord, send help!), a full-time airport employee and part-time student, (hectic schedule alert?), a book nerd, (HP⚡️and G⚔️T foreva), and an unstoppable maker of all the things, ALL the things! (Seriously, Michael's should pay me to shop there.) I have always had nice and neat handwriting and always loved making my notebooks, planners, and bedroom wall signs pretty and organized. When I was fifteen I begged my mom to buy me a quill feather and a bottle of ink so I could write like Harry Potter - it didn't work out so well, and I didn't have Google or YouTube or any internet really to teach myself properly. So, I tucked away my feather and ink and settled for using good ol pencils and pens to maintain my handwriting until I reached my twenties. That's when I stumbled upon some calligraphy videos online and decided to seriously discipline and teach myself. Fast-forward to today! I have officially been in business for one full year, and I am working my butt off to turn this love of mine into both my passion and my full-time income. I'm sure you've all heard that quote, "When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life." Well, that's not quite true. I am doing what I love and working my...well, you know, working my BEHIND off while doing it. The difference is I'm working because I love it. And in my opinion, that is the absolute best and most fulfilling feeling anyone can have in their career. And that, my friends, is where my story is headed. Totally #goals, right?! 

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