Episode 183: Email Marketing + MemberVault, with Erin Kelly - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined with Erin Kelly who is the co-founder of MemberVault. Erin has transformed in her business adventures, starting out as an online business manager, to now managing MemberVault with her husband. She shares how she has handled big life decisions and what life challenges she has faced from having an on-the-road business. The trio discuss re-engaging with your list and how email marketing can be engaging. Lastly, they dive into MemberVault and how it can help your small business. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • How her journey unfolded [0:01:43]
  • What an Online Business Manager is [0:03:31]
  • How to handle big life + business decisions [0:08:33]
  • What challenges they have faced in their on-the-road business [0:09:38]
  • How to re-engage your list + email marketing [0:14:12]
  • Where you can get a free MemberVault account + how it can help you [0:22:36]
  • What segmenting + tagging for a list looks like [0:24:27]
  • How helpful support can be [0:32:17]
  • Where to start in MemberVault [0:34:59]
There’s a lot of negativity around email marketing I think. Which is a shame because it’s actually a really really great way to open a conversation with your audience.
— Erin Kelly
I think that’s a good thing for all of us to remember is that we all make oopsies.
— Erin Kelly
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Erin Kelly is the co-founder of MemberVault, the perfect tool to boost engagement, learn more about your audience and make selling easier. She is currently living full time in a 30 ft RV with her husband, 19 month old son and rescue hound pup. Grab your free account at membervault.co.

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