Episode 184: Focusing + Growing on Social Media, with Ashley Perkins - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined by Ashley Perkins of Prestige Revolution and the Social Smarter Society. The trio jump right in to the episode and talk about how social media has impacted Ashley's business. Ashley's shares how she started small and how social media was her go-to for connections. She shares how social media is a good way to leverage connections and how to use analytics to see how your business is operating online. Next, she shares how video is the game changer in social media and way you need to be using video with your audience. Lastly, the trio discuss what type of content you should be sharing and why you should be real with your audience.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How social media has connected her [0:01:32]
  • Where the shift and focus came in her business [0:06:26]
  • How to grow your social media following + taking a look at the backend [0:09:37]
  • Why should you be using video + getting over the emotional hump [0:15:34]
  • What social media should you focus on [0:22:33]
  • How to look at data in social media [0:36:59]
A lot of people are very quick to discredit it because it can be so overwhelming at times, but the connections I’ve made through social media are so invaluable and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.
— Ashley Perkins
I really got this point where I realize, you know what? I’m at a point now where I’ve got to kind of put the blinders on and put more trust in myself.
— Ashley Perkins
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Hey there! I’m Ashley, found of Prestige Revolution and the Social Smarter Society. I have almost ten years of experience helping business owners and bosses create more income, influence and impact with strategic online marketing. I’ve worked with dozens of clients across industries like technology and e-Commerce, real estate, investments and finance, and health, wellness, and lifestyle. My blog and insider tips have been featured in several entrepreneurial publications like The Rising Tide Society, and my clients often say I have a talent in growing thriving and engaged online communities to achieve specific business goals and objectives. When I’m not coaching my clients, filming a YouTube video, or prepping for my next guest feature or segment, you can find me out and about with my rescue dog, dancing to ’90’s classics, binge-watching the latest Netflix original, or diving into a good book. Want to chat? Reach out to me on any platform: ashleyperkins.co

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