Episode 194: Being an Influencer, with Julie Solomon - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined with Julie Solomon. Julie is a New York Times bestselling publicist, host of The Influencer Podcast, and a marketing expert! At the beginning of the episode, we hear all about Julie's twist and turns in business and how she has landed where she is today. Julie shares about soul-searching within her businesses and all about what being an "influencer" actually means. In the episode, we even find out who Julie follows as influencers. At the end of the podcast we learn why batching your content is key to having more time as well as what makes a good pitch.

Main Takeaways:

  • How Julie got to where she is + twist and turns in business [0:01:24]
  • What soul-searching was like for Julie [0:18:03]
  • What an influencer means [0:22:26]
  • What are some things that comes with the "influencer" title [0:28:35]
  • Who Julie follows as influencers [0:31:44]
  • Why you should be batching your content [0:35:00]
  • What makes a good pitch [0:39:12]
(To me) Influencer means helping others find that magic within, so then create the brilliance that they want to be in the world and then they can share that with everyone, and to really enact change.
— Julie Solomon
The more that you’re able to know who your audience is, the more that you’re going to be able to serve them.
— Julie Solomon
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Nashville native and California-based entrepreneur Julie Solomon is a NY Times Best-Selling Publicist, influencer and marketing expert who teaches bloggers and online entrepreneurs how to grow their blog, business, and income through authentic connection and brand strategy. Julie has worked with some of the country’s most recognized influencers, authors, entrepreneurs, and bloggers for over a decade. From graduating cum laude with a major in Journalism and Public Relations to working at PR powerhouses, Julie has made a reputable name for herself in the PR, marketing and branding world. As a New York Times-best selling publicist with experience covering music, publishing, and entertainment, Julie eventually co-founded a prestigious public relations agency, OMG! Publicity, in 2013. Along with her PR agency, Julie has since created a popular website, JulieSolomon.net, to combine her talents, background, and passion to empower others through her informative tips on business growth, social media and marketing. Within her domain, Julie runs Pitch It Perfect, a branding and marketing pitch program for bloggers, influencers, and entrepreneurs to learn the step-by-step formula for executing a pitch strategy that converts into lucrative brand deals and attention grabbing media placements for their businesses. These strategies are the same she used to help herself as well as clients garner national media placements and over $1 million dollars in income from brand deals in just 1 year. Her latest venture, The Influencer Podcast, explores the secrets behind the every changing landscape of influencer marketing and shares the most accredited and informed strategies from top social influencers, business owners, and industry elites. During its launch month in April 2017, The Influencer Podcast joined the Top-50 list of iTunes’ Business Podcast Chart, peaking at #15, and remains in the Top-50 to date. Julie currently calls Los Angeles home, and lives there with her husband, Johnathon, and son Camden.

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