Episode 195: Turning Off the BS, with Allen Brouwer - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are joined with Allen Brouwer and Allen is the co-founder of Best Self Co. a company that helps people achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves through productivity performance and positivity. At the beginning of the episode, we jump right in with Allen and learn more about him and his motto. He shares about how to cut off distractions and how to use a schedule as a creative to cut through the bs. Allen then chats about how Best Self Co. was created and how it started off of a Kickstarter campaign. Lastly, the trio talk tips and takeaways to help you stay productive.

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Main Takeaways:

  • Who Allen Brouwer is + his experiences [0:01:23]
  • How to turn off the bs [0:03:47]
  • What the easiest way to start turning off distractions [0:05:39]
  • How to use a schedule as a creative [0:09:31]
  • What exercise to do, to cut through that bs [0:14:05]
  • How the Best Self Co. system came to be + how journal works [0:17:25]
  • Why they started with Kickstarter [0:20:31]
  • What some launch tips are [0:24:31]
  • How to connect better with your audience [0:28:22]
  • What shifting your mindset looks like + practicing gratitude [0:31:57]
You’ll start creating a fan base that is so loyal, regardless of what you’re selling, as long as you’re there and you’re acknowledging them and you’re supporting them and you’re contributing and you’re providing value.
— Allen Brouwer
Then you just create a narrow mindset and anything that does not relate to either becoming the person that you want to become or achieving the things that you want to achieve, you say no to it.
— Allen Brouwer
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Allen is the Co-Founder of BestSelf Co. a company that helps people achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves through productivity, performance, and positivity. A serial entrepreneur whose passion is to help others achieve their entrepreneurial visions. He loves the outdoors, psychology, and marketing.

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