Episode 197: Processes + Procedures, with Laura Neff - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are joined today by Laura Neff who is a wedding and brand photographer, who preserves memories for adventurous fun loving couples and heart driven creative brands. In addition to running this very successful photography business, she is also an educator and she likes to educate the creative community on all things workflow systems, productivity and time management. At the beginning of the episode we learn a little more about Laura. Laura shares why she thinks workflows and systems are important and where they should be stored. Towards the end of the episode the trio discuss how you can garner higher prices with organization. Listen at the end to hear some quick tips for creating workflows are and client experience.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How she got into wedding and brand photography + moved into an educator role [0:01:33]
  • Why workflows and systems are important in your business [0:07:37]
  • How to start creating workflows [0:10:55]
  • Where to store procedures and workflows [0:14:30]
  • How to create a procedure manual + changes in your processes [0:17:07]
  • Where you can learn about workflows with Laura [0:23:47]
  • Why organization can garner higher price points [0:27:54]
  • What quick tips for creating workflows are + client experience [0:31:34]
My goal as an educator to give people the tools and empower them that work life harmony is possible.
— Laura Neff
Nothing is ever going to be perfect but done is better than perfect.
— Laura Neff
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Laura is a New Jersey + worldwide wedding and brand photographer preserving memories for adventurous, fun-loving couples and heart-driven creative brands. In addition to running a very successful photography business, she educates the creative community on all things workflow, systems, productivity and time management!  She's obsessed with firepits, sweet wine, deep conversation, elephants, and showing off her horrible dance moves at any given moment. Laura is on a mission for entrepreneurs to schedule more date nights, brunch weekends, and vacations as a result of finding work-life balance while running a thriving business!

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