Episode 199: Freelancing As A Designer, with Jamie Starcevich - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are chatting with Jamie Starcevich of Spruce Road. Right at the beginning of the episode, Jamie dives into the why behind starting her own business, Spruce Road. She shares what a freelance design business is and why she promotes becoming a business owner to other designers. The trio discuss the freebies Jamie offers and about fear and processes in business. Towards the end of the episode, Jamie shares why having a community where you feel comfortable is important as a business owner and Reina shares about turning people off that may trigger you. Lastly, we hear how she balances life, working, and moving as gracefully as she does.

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Main Takeaways:

  • What Spruce Road is + why she started her own business [0:01:39]
  • What a freelance design business is [0:02:48]
  • Why Jamie encourages people to become freelancers [0:04:15]
  • What some business owner pitfalls are [0:05:57]
  • What to expect when grabbing her client finder freebie [0:07:07]
  • How to get through fear [0:09:23]
  • Why your process is so important [0:12:42]
  • How to increase prices [0:15:49]
  • Why peer-support is helpful + having self-care [0:17:55]
  • How Jamie balances life, work, + moving [0:22:57]
  • What the Share Worthy Design Course is all about [0:26:28]
I have a heart for other designers. There’s such camaraderie within the design community and I just feel led to share what I’ve learned on the way.
— Jamie Starcevich
Step one is to work on your process and then you’ll be 10 times further along than almost any designer that gets started.
— Jamie Starcevich
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Hey there! I’m Jamie, founder + creative director at Spruce Rd., a brand identity design studio for online businesses, and creator of the Share-worthy Design course for freelancers. I’m also mom to a little one, hiking enthusiast (walking around the park counts, right?!), and will never say no to cookies, tacos, or a Wes Anderson film.

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