Episode 200: Jam Session with Reina + Christina, Creative Empire's 2 Year Anniversary - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are back for episode 200! The duo are are so honored to have been in your ears for this long and this many episodes and they are really excited to jam about the things that They’ve learned through having this podcast, the things that they have seen in the industry and what they anticipate, the projections that they have for Creative Empire and the creative community at large.

Main Takeaways:

  • The story behind Creative Empire Podcast [0:01:33]
  • Why Reina was scared of starting the podcast [0:06:57]
  • How the podcast has influenced the duo in their businesses [0:11:51]
  • What type of brand to build [0:13:40]
  • How having the podcast has helped them become better guests [0:15:13]
  • What changes in the industry have looked like [0:15:43]
  • What sustainability in business can look like [0:18:46]
  • Why you just need to start somewhere [0:23:21]
  • What they have learned personally [0:26:00]
  • Where is the Creative Industry headed [0:39:59]
Entrepreneurship is just this game where you’re constantly trading up, like you start with a paperclip and then you end up with a condo in Hawaii, like that guy on craigslist all those years ago. You’re just like constantly trading up.
— Christina Scalera
Every industry requires some kind of tenacity and what does that look like for you and how do you want to grow your business.
— Reina Pomeroy
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