Episode 204: Developing a Six-Figure Business, with Jereshia Hawk - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined by Jereshia Hawk who is the income strategist that you need to be in touch with. She’s a recent corporate dropout and helps service based business owners to develop six figure revenue models. At the beginning of the episode we learn how Jereshia transitioned from a corporate job to becoming an income strategist, plus how she has documented that journey. We learn about why transparency is such a big deal for Jereshia and we learn about how she has struggled with pricing herself. The trio chat about raising your prices and how to communicate those increases with your prospective clients. Lastly, we learn all about the visual management Jereshia uses to track her goals and we learn how to make it work for our own businesses. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • How she went from a corporate job to helping other entrepreneurs [0:01:25]
  • What documenting her journey has looked like [0:05:28]
  • Why Jereshia shares her income public + transparency [0:08:54]
  • When she realized she was positioning herself as an expert [0:16:40]
  • What struggling with pricing looks like [0:18:30]
  • How to start raising your prices + communicating those increases [0:22:25]
  • How to use visual management + how to put this into practice [0:24:36]
  • What we will see from Jereshia in the next few years [0:36:52]
I don’t believe that any goal is unrealistic. I just think people have unrealistic expectations about what’s required to achieve that goal.
— Jereshia Hawk
Say your price and then shut up. Don’t speak after, don’t qualify, don’t try to start undercutting.
— Jereshia Hawk
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Jereshia Hawk is an Income Strategist and recent Corporate Dropout who helps service based business owners develop six figure revenue models. Jereshia enjoys long walks down the school supply aisle at Target. Yes, she geeks out over new Post-It Notes and pens. If you want want to leverage corporate strategies to help you service based business exponentially grow not only your impact, but your income, she's the woman for you!  

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