Episode 210: Funnels + Automations, with Kate Boyd - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are joined today by Kate Boyd of Cobblestone Creative Co., a digital marketing agency that creates marketing strategies and content handcrafted for higher conversions. In three years, Kate has built three profitable online businesses. At the beginning of the episode, we hear how Kate got started with funnels in her line of work. She share funnel mistakes she sees business owners making and what reverse engineering a funnel looks like. The trio discuss tracking in your business and how to give permission. Towards the end of the episode, Kate dives into her podcast and the why behind creating it.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How Kate got started with funnels [0:01:35]
  • What funnel mistakes online business owners are creating [0:04:09]
  • What are some best practices for validation [0:06:08]
  • What reverse engineering a funnel looks like [0:07:37]
  • How to track what is working in your business [0:09:57]
  • What are some of the best things she has seen in funnels [0:15:41]
  • What should your timeline look like + permission [0:19:50]
  • Why you should care about the lifetime of a client [0:22:32]
  • How do funnels actually help your business [0:28:57]
  • Why Kate created a podcast [0:32:28]
The copy-and-paste funnel thing might get you some people coming through, but it won’t do its best.
— Kate Boyd
Every funnel will take time and that’s something that everyone forgets as well, is that maybe it converts on day one and that’s amazing, but a lot of times, they may convert on day one, but it’s really low and then you’re still trying to tweak and optimize, so that you can step back. Giving yourself that space and setting the expectations is really important.
— Kate Boyd


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Kate Boyd is the founder of Cobblestone Creative Co., a digital marketing agency that creates marketing strategies and content, hand-crafted for higher conversions. In 3 years, she has built 3 profitable online businesses and created marketing and sales systems that convert up to 5x the normal rates. Kate combines a journalism degree, 3 years of online business experience, and 5+ years in non-profit marketing to support others as they grow, nurture, and mobilize their tribes so they can have success and time to enjoy it too. You can learn more about Kate and the Cobblestone team at cobblestonecreativeco. 

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