Episode 217: Focus On Doing Less Better, with Ashley Gartland - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are talking with business coach, Ashley Gartland. She works with women entrepreneurs who business is doing pretty well, but who feel like a hot mess behind the scenes. Ashley jumps right into the episode, chatting about how she found herself in the coaching world. The trio discuss intentional growth and the why behind business owners wanting fast growth. She shares why you have to define your own measurement of success and why staying focused will help you reach your goals. We hear about some timeless marketing stratgies to focus on and tools to help you stop feeling like a mess behind the scenes. Lastly, Ashley talks about how far holds us back as entrepreneurs and how to combat it.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How Ashley got into the coaching world [0:01:43]
  • What the process of intentional business planning looks like [0:04:22]
  • Why people seem to want fast growth [0:06:28]
  • How to define what success or intentionality looks like [0:07:51]
  • How to stay on focus [0:12:36]
  • When should you be working on growth activity [0:15:28]
  • What some timeless marketing strategies are + tracking [0:20:44]
  • What some tools are to stop feeling like a hot mess [0:25:53]
  • How fear can impact our business [0:29:33]
Yeah, we take the big picture view and then we’d break it down into very small bite size goals that [you] can actually tackle week to week.
— Ashley Gartland
It’s a habit, so it becomes easier overtime.
— Ashley Gartland
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Ashley Gartland became an entrepreneur the day she graduated college and has been enjoying the perks of the lifestyle ever since. As a business coach, she works with women entrepreneurs whose business is doing well but who feel a hot mess behind the scenes - and they know it's holding them back from reaching the next level. She helps them simplify their business and build a stronger foundation so they can experience more growth and fulfillment in their work and more freedom in their life. Before launching her coaching practice, Ashley spent a decade working in public relations, magazine publishing, copywriting, digital publishing and event planning. As a writer, she contributed to high-profile magazines such as O, The Oprah Magazine, Runner’s World, Sunset and Prevention and honed her editorial skills at successful digital media brands including Tasting Table and PureWow. She is also a published author twice-over. Ashley is passionate about helping women drop the cookie cutter approaches and instead grow their business their way through the lens of simplicity. She is a Certified Life Coach who received her training through The Life Coach School. Ashley lives in Portland, Oregon, where she spends her time outside work trail running and raising two little girls.

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