Episode 219: Maximizing Efficiency with Systems, with Jordan Gill - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are joined today by Jordan Gill of The Kolada Group, she is also the host behind The System Saves Me podcasts. At the beginning of the episode, Jordan dives right in and talks about how the Kolada Group was started. She shares about how she transitioned from working a corporate job, to running her own business. The trio then chat about Jordan attending over 30 events last year and Jordan shares how she makes that happen and why in-person events are important to her. Lastly, they discuss systems that help make her wants a reality and what her triple-threat program is. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • What the Kolada Group is + how she started [0:01:40]
  • How Jordan attended over 30 events in 2017 [0:06:26]
  • How to find events + affording them with prioritization [0:14:04]
  • How systems have organized her enough to attend events regularly [0:21:36]
  • What the triple threat is + getting started [0:27:30]
I love pouring into people and I actually really like to meet people offline, which was kind of a struggle at the beginning of my business.
— Jordan Gill
Clients will rule your whole world if you allow them to.
— Jordan Gill
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Operations Consultant, Founder of The Kolada Group, and Host of the Systems Saved Me Podcast, Jordan Gill takes pride in saving hours (even days) around time-sucking technology decisions and an untrained team. She has been on the stages of She's Building Her Empire, Creative CEO Conference, Success Without Sacrifice, Blog Like a Boss Brunch, and Vision Casting while also being featured in Belong Magazine! Jordan is known for her buzzworthy client onboarding experience for service-based business owners that only takes 5 minutes! She also teaches her P.R.E. process for onboarding team members to set your team up for success in 30 minutes. No more bad hires! Jordan lives in Dallas and loves to indulge in some true southern bbq. Learn more about Jordan at www.thekoladagroup.com

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