Episode 222: Mentoring Session, Finding Your Message + Focus, with Omishan Ogholoh Williams - the Creative Empire podcast

Today we have another mentoring session for you! Today Reina and Christina are talking to Omishan Ogholoh Williams of Adesuwa Events; a New Orleans-based wedding consulting business. She’s not a wedding planner, so this is going to be a super fun conversation. They're talking about how to stay motivated when you’re not seeing a lot of traction. At the beginning of the episode, we hear about Adesuwa Events and what Omishan has been struggling with. Christina and Reina dive deep to ask Omishan the hard questions about her business, like her ideal audience and what her unique value proposition are. The trio discuss many apspects of her business! 

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Main Takeaways:

  • What Adesuwa Events does + her struggles [0:01:19]
  • Why location is important as a wedding planner/event planner [0:07:23]
  • Where her strategy and focus should be [0:08:30]
  • Why you need to find a unique value proposition (UVP) [0:13:54]
  • What her biggest hurdle is + how to solve it [0:20:54]
  • How disrupting can help you market [0:25:36]
When you plan your wedding, you’re using so many tools that will propel you through your marriage.
— Omishan Ogholoh Williams
You need to help them feel that pain now, not because you’re a mean person, but because you’re trying to help them out of that later situation.
— Christina Scalera
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Omishan Williams is the owner of Adesuwa Events, a New Orleans based wedding consulting business where she provides intentional guidance and direction to couples who desire to plan their own weddings. She works with them to help organize their plan and streamline the chaos that sometimes goes along with wedding planning. Her mission is to bring fulfillment and provide guidance to couples going through their wedding planning journeys while preparing for marriage more special than their wedding. Omishan is a pharmacist by education, a wife, and a lover of all things organized. She loves traveling, good food and wine, and celebrating all of life's special moments.

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