Episode 226: Overcoming Sugar Addiction, with Sherry Strong - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined by Sherry Strong who is an award-winning speaker, chef, nutritionist, food philosopher and she has traveled through the journey of sugar addiction. She is the Victorian chair of Nutrition Australia, the Melbourne president of Slow Food, and the co-founder of the World Wellness Summit. At the beginning of the episode, Sherry shares all about her addiction with sugar and how she has coped with it. She explains how sugar is like a drug, what it does to the body, and some of the symptoms of sugar addiction. The trio dicuss how hard it is to overcome food and Sherry explains that you just have to start somewhere, that no one is perfect. Lastly, we hear some of the sucess stories that Sherry has had, moving people away from their sugar addictions.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How Sherry has struggled with sugar addiction + where she is now [0:01:45]
  • What sugar does to the body + symptoms [0:07:04]
  • What the detox process looks like [0:15:49]
  • Why perfection is the enemy of progress + how to move forward [0:20:28]
  • Why you should start, even when you are not ready [0:28:52]
  • What some of the biggest success stories Sherry has had [0:30:22]
Sugar is a drug. It requires us to have a strategy, not a diet.
— Sherry Strong
The most important stories are the everyday people like myself who sugar was their kryptonite and they actually thought it was impossible to give it up and now, they would actually say that they are stronger than sugar and they have sweet freedom in their life.
— Sherry Strong
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Sherry is an award-winning Speaker, Chef, Nutritionist, Food Philosopher. She was the Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia, Melbourne President of Slow Food and the Co-Founder of the World Wellness Summit.  She has worked with elite athletes, billionaires, celebrities, CEO’s and everyday folk like herself to transform the way they relate to food and their body. Sherry is the founder and the creator of the Sweet Freedom Project – which includes a multi-media transformational platform dedicated to helping people get sugar-free naturally for life.

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