Episode 232: Why You Should Be Pitching Podcasts, with Brigitte Lyons - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined by Brigitte Lyons, who is the Founder of the Boutique PR and Digital Marketing Agency B, where she helps emerging brands, authors and experts get known for their work. At the beginning of the episode, we hear all about how Brigitte got started with PR and the why behind nicheing down to podcasts in her business. We hear all about why PR is good as a business owner, plus the SEO implications because of it. Brigitte shares where you should start with PR and when the right time to start pitching yourself is. Lastly, she shares some tips for growing your confidence as you pitch yourself and how to streamline your pitching process.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How Brigitte got started with PR work + podcasting [0:03:12]
  • What making the leap looked like for her [0:07:50]
  • Why PR is important for a business owner [0:10:21]
  • How + where to start with PR that is effective [0:15:25]
  • When it is the right time to start pitching yourself + how [0:24:23]
  • What the biggest thing to grow your pitching confidence [0:30:05]
  • How to organize the pitching process [0:34:08]
Momentum begets more momentum.
— Brigitte Lyons
The conversion rates off of a podcast listener are those percentage of people that listen and turn in buyers are much, much higher than any other media.
— Brigitte Lyons
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Brigitte Lyons is the founder of the boutique PR and digital marketing agency B, where she helps emerging brands, authors and experts get known for their work. While her roots are in In the past couple of years, Brigitte has shifted the focus of her agency to focus almost entirely on podcasts, because when it comes to audience engagement, there is no media opportunity out there that rivals podcasts right now. While her company is best known for repping author-entrepreneurs like Being Boss, Amber Rae and Danielle LaPorte, they have also worked with clients who’ve had little-to-no media coverage and gotten them on top podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire, What Works and, yes, Creative Empire! On top of her agency leadership, Brigitte is passionate about teaching you how to do your own press outreach -- and that's why she's joined us today to talk about how you can book podcast interviews for your own business.

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