Episode 234: Why Pinterest Should Be A Priority In Your Business, with Cara Chace - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Chrisina are joined today by Cara Chace, who is a Pinterest Marketing and Squarespace design expert. Cara is sharing all about Pinterest and how it can be used in your business. At the beginning of the episode, Cara shares how she got started in the creative industry and how she has niched her business down into Pinterest. We learn about why we should be using Pinterest as business owners and learn what a promoted pin is. Towards the end of the episode we hear how to start with Pinterest and what some of the best practices are for the platform!

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Main Takeaways:

  • How Cara got started + where her business is now [0:01:53]
  • Why Pinterest should be a priority in your business [0:08:19]
  • What promoted pins are  + why you should use them [0:15:30]
  • What a "tripwire" is [0:23:18]
  • Where to start with Pinterest [0:25:09]
  • How to create keyword optimized descriptions + best practices [0:27:24]
  • What the most important things are for Pinterest [0:33:43]
Keywords get you found, graphics get you clicked.
— Cara Chace
As far as ad dollars, my minimum threshold is there’s got to be an e-mail exchange for it.
— Cara Chace
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Meet Cara Chace - Pinterest Marketing + Squarespace Design are her JAM. She started in social media marketing in 2011 by managing 13 million fans across 17 social media accounts for a worldwide band. Since then, she's gone on to create hashtag campaigns for cities and their tourism boards, websites for entertainers and small businesses, and online courses to help online entrepreneurs like YOU figure out this whole digital marketing puzzle for their business. When she's not geeking out on Pinterest and Squarespace, she's listening to music, reading in fuzzy slippers, or entertaining her kiddo with dance parties and doing the "funny faces" on Snapchat.

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