Episode 235: Mindfulness Painting, with Hannah Lowe Corman - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are joined today by Hannah Lowe Corman, who is a Mindfulness Painter in New York City. She has been painting and drawing since childhood, studying after school and during summers at the Maryland Institute of College of Art. At the beginning of the episode, we hear about how Hannah has found herself painting. She shares what her work and business looks like and how mindfulness has become a part of it. Hannah shares about mindfulness and the how and why to starting one. At the end of the episode, the trio discuss how showing off your uniqueness is special for being a creative.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How Hannah became a painter [0:02:11]
  • What her work + business looks like [0:07:50]
  • Why you should start a mindfulness practice + how to start [0:13:01]
  • How mindfulness falls into her business [0:17:46]
  • How to identify anxiety + using mindfulness to combat it [0:22:12]
  • What uniqueness means as a creative [0:30:13]
I had been creating my whole life, but it truly, truly never occurred to me that this would be what I would do as a living for money.
— Hannah Lowe Corman
The main crux of being mindful is to be very aware of your present state, and not allowing, worrying about the future, or the past, those things cloud into your mind that aren’t truly what’s happening right now.
— Hannah Lowe Corman


Hannah Lowe Corman is a mindfulness painter in New York. She’s been painting and drawing since childhood, studying after school and during summers at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her undergraduate degrees are in Finance and French, and she spent the first part of her career in healthcare and investment banking as well as not-for-profit fundraising, however upon moving to New York, she took the leap into selling her art, inspired by the full-time artists she met there. She paints organically-inspired collections, as well as undertakes custom painting commissions and large-scale wedding backdrop work. Hannah also teaches yoga and meditation, mindfulness practices that she melds with her painting practice into what she describes as the process of Mindfulness Painting, a mind-body approach to painting. She can be found painting in her NYC apartment with her son and husband or teaching yoga. Her art has been featured at West Elm, on houzz.com and her wedding backdrops have been in My Wedding Magazine, The Perfect Palette and Borrowed + Blue. Hannah is passionate about trying to live in the moment, and while her practices ease stress and anxiety, she is not a medical professional and they are not intended to replace necessary medical or clinical care.

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