Episode 244: Second Shooting in Photography, with Natarsha Wright - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined by Natarsha Wright, who is a published, and featured, wedding photographer and personal branding photographer. Natarsha is committed to building her business through second shooting, which is really cool. The trio are talking about second shooting. If you have ever been curious about how you get into that or supplementing your business income by doing second shooting. Natarsha is going to be talking a little bit about tips and tricks for how to get second shooter gigs and some of the things that you need to know to make sure that you’re not stepping on people’s toes.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How Natarsha got into wedding photography [0:01:58]

  • Why she is so passionate about second shooting [0:03:20]

  • How to be a second shooter + what it means [0:08:27]

  • What mistakes people make as a second shooter [0:11:19]

  • What advice she has for lead photographers [0:16:57]

  • What types contracts you should have in place [0:19:12]

  • What tips Natarsha has to be a second shooter + skills to have [0:22:50]

  • What camera lenses to start with as a second shooter [0:25:49]

  • Why she created a resource for second shooters [0:29:19]

  • How pricing can vary as a second shooter [0:30:47]

My heart is serving. I love serving others and what better way to do that than serving creatives through second shooting.
— Natarsha Wright
You want to make sure that you operate and serve in excellent when you’re documenting someone’s legacy.
— Natarsha Wright


Natarsha Wright is a published and featured wedding photographer and personal branding photographer, and the owner of Natarsha Wright Photography. After years of specializing in wedding photography, she now partners with creatives who are focused on increasing their brand visibility by showcasing intentional visual content needed to connect with their target audience and grow a more profitable business. Natarsha’s passion is helping creatives tell the story of their couples + brands through curated images aimed at their target audiences and missions. Her work has been featured on The Knot, Baltimore Bride, Washingtonian Bride and Groom, Virginia Bride, Essence, Black Bride, Aisle Perfect, Munaluchi Bridal and more. When she’s not in grind mode she is exploring taco and ramen bars, checking out the latest netflix binge worthy shows, or spending time with family and friends.

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