Episode 246: Educational Nugget - The Legal Side of Your Biz + How to Protect It, with Christina - the Creative Empire podcast

Today Reina and Christina are bringing you another jam session! Christina is talking all about legal. She is talking about what happens if somebody steals your ideas, what to do when you’re thinking about “should I be trademarking something or not?,” and how to potentially close your business. These are all things that at some point, you’re going to be thinking about or confronted by in your business. Knowing that you have legal options and hopefully somebody you can trust in order to help protect you in your business is super helpful as well. If you are excited to talk about all legal things and things that just happen kind of in the daily business life of an entrepreneur, listen below.

Main Takeaways:

  • What the worst reason to not start your business [0:01:12]

  • What to do when someone creates a product exactly like yours [0:02:33]

  • Why brand building is so important [0:05:00]

  • What actions you can take to stop people from copying you + trademarks [0:10:21]

  • When to decide to talk to an attorney [0:18:08]

  • What to think about when closing your business + exiting your business [0:25:20]

At some point, you mentor enough people, you are going to mentor someone into your shoes. In this world of community over competition, one of your clients is going to take it too far.
— Christina Scalera
Just because you’re right, doesn’t mean that you’re not going to have to pay to respond to all these people or pay legal fees because people can really make a big fuss and it ends up costing you money.
— Christina Scalera
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