Episode 247: Dual Coast Living + Photography, with Kristen Brown - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are chatting with Kristen Brown of Samba to the Sea and The Sunset Shop. Kristin is a gal who was gone from humble roots as a photographer in the United States creating a dual coast living from Savannah, Georgia and Costa Rica. In addition, you have to go check out Kristen on Instagram and get all the down-low and all the cute pictures of Gidget on Instagram, because this is a chihuahua you do not want to miss out on.

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Main Takeaways:

  • How Kristen decided to move to Costa Rica + split her time in Savannah [0:02:24]

  • How she finds clients in a destination location [0:05:46]

  • What her visual portfolio looks like + what style she has [0:08:01]

  • Why living in two areas helps her business [0:14:54]

  • What challenges + transitions she has faced [0:19:47]

  • What growing has looked like for her [0:24:06]

  • What assets Kristen has + what her superpower is [0:26:43]

  • How photography has been something she has always loved [0:28:55]

  • What the “banks” are that Kristen looks like + having blinders [32:47]

It was more so out of need of I’ve really started to miss a lot of things about the US, just like easy conveniences that we take for granted as Americans.
— Kristen Brown
You can’t compare someone’s middle, or where they are, to your beginning.
— Kristen Brown


Me llamo Kristen – that’s Español for “My name is Kristen.” Not too long ago, it was love at first wipeout after my first surf lesson in New York City - -  within a year of that first lesson, I retired from the hustle and bustle of the NYC corporate banking world and traded in my heels for a surfboard and camera in Costa Rica. Most days you can find me surfing beautiful Costa Rican waves, photographing a breathtaking sunset, or playing on the beach with my Chihuahua, Gidget. I’m a sunset chaser, soul surfer, and photographer for the sunset dreamers + wild at heart. You can check out my brand and editorial work here, wedding and family photography work here, bring a piece of paradise home with you via my sunset and beach prints at The Sunset Shop, and chase sunsets with me on Instagram @sambatothesea!

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