1: Callie Murray, Thinking Outside the Box: When Your Unique Idea Turns into a Business - the Creative Empire podcast

This week’s podcast interviews Callie Murray, the Founder and CEO of The Big Fake Wedding. The Big Fake Wedding came to be after the unique idea to throw a Not-Wedding event sparked the possibility of profit and business potential. Thinking outside of the box, Callie now has a booming business which is scheduled to throw 30 events across the country this year alone. In this podcast Callie discusses with Reina and Christina how thinking outside the box turned into a business, and how to turn an idea into a thriving enterprise. Callie highlights how she started, but also the harder part of how she took calculated leaps to expand and grow her business, despite moving across the country (due to her husband’s Navy career). Part of this expansion included hiring a team, so Callie talks about how she hires and what she looks for in new employees, which is ultimately the key to her business’s success. Before she even made the leap to commit to The Big Fake Wedding she had to establish how feasible the business idea was and ultimately quit her job. Callie discusses how she went about these big steps in a smart way, sharing tips and practices that helped her through the transition of becoming a full time creative entrepreneur.

Show Highlights:

  • How to turn a unique idea into a booming business
  • How to hire employees that you believe in and that believe in your business
  • How to make the transition to full time creative entrepreneur
  • How to manage creative entrepreneurship and motherhood

Show Notes:

Callie's Bio:

Callie Murray started The Big Fake Wedding (then called The NotWedding) in 2008 and has been blessed by steady growth of the company in the midst of cross-country moves with her Navy husband and the births of her three little girls. Callie currently manages the staff and handles the big-picture elements of the company: where we’re going next, who’s taking us there, and what we are going to do when we get there. She is the Founder and CEO of The Big Fake Wedding as well as the proprietor of The Green House, a co-working office space in downtown Norcross.

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