2: Bonnie Bakhtiari, The Future of Instagram - the Creative Empire podcast

This week’s podcast interviews Bonnie Bakhtiari, creative director and owner of b is for bonnie design and the founder of the illume retreat. In this episode Bonnie talks about the future of Instagram for creatives, a platform we’re all come to love, hate, and every emotion in between. Bonnie discusses how to start and grow the right kind of audience on Instagram, and how to set reasonable goals for the platform. Bonnie describes how giving resources and knowledge on Instagram is a great way to attract and maintain a loyal audience on Instagram, and how ultimately this giving-mentality ends up in real business returns. 

Show Highlights:

  • How to start and grow your Instagram presence
  • How to grow the right kind of audience on Instagram
  • How giving resources away on Instagram results in real business returns
  • How to set reasonable goals for the Instagram platform

Show Notes:

Bonnie's Bio:

Bonnie Bakhtiari, is the creative director of b is for bonnie design, a boutique branding studio for creatives in addition to being the founder of the Illume Retreat, an intimately restful retreat experience for purpose-filled businesses. When she’s not helping clients strategize their most heartfelt brand yet, or educating fellow creatives through speaking or online courses, you can find her with a soy latte in hand, probably swooning over something in a shiny hue of gold! Her heart is centered around the desire to encourage and inspire through design, and nothing gives her greater joy than working with talented entrepreneurs to create brands that are an authentic reflection of who they are. She believes in living life with joy, fierce love and abundant grace as she chases what matters most.

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