22: Celebrating the Life of Emily Potts - the Creative Empire podcast

Today is a special episode for the Creative Empire Podcast. We want to honor our friend, colleague, encourager, and all around amazing person Emily Potts with this episode. Emily never hesitated to help someone else out and she always had kind words of support. In this episode we discuss how to encourage and genuinely connect with others, as Emily Potts did so well. Reina and Christina finish this episode reflecting on how they want to be remembered, and how that can influence your life and business daily. 

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Show Highlights:

  • Emily Potts and her legacy
  • What encourages the ladies the most
  • How to encourage peers and be genuine in encouraging influencers
  • How to recognize peoples' lives outside of social media
  • How Emily is remembered and posing the question "How do you want to be remembered?"

Show Notes:

Emily's Bio:

I created my site just for mompreneurs because I’m one of them myself. I know exactly what it’s like to work super-hard at running a business while raising a family. I decided that my lifestyle needed to change. I needed to run a profitable business, but I needed to do it in a way that allowed me the time and energy to focus on my family. The years I have with my son at home are short, and they’re getting shorter with every passing day. I didn’t want to squander another single one. My biggest goal in building my site is to make you rich. But not just in the money sense of the word. While I definitely do want to help you grow the most profitable business possible, I also want you to be rich in life. I want you to have time to enjoy your family, do things for yourself, and maybe even get some sleep. (Except for those of you with newborns – I’ll just have to pray you make it through the first few months!)

In Memory of Emily: