Episode 26: The 5 Things Your Business About Page Needs, with Ashlyn Carter - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina + Christina are joined this episode by Ashlyn Carter, who discusses in depth the 5 things your business about page needs. She outlines a little about the possibilities that story telling holds, what copywriting actually is, and why/when/where they should hire a copywriter. Next Ashlyn discusses the role that vulnerability can play in a business and the baby steps a newbie can start taking to implement vulnerability in their lives. Lastly she shares the advice she would give her former self who hadn't taken the leap yet.

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Show Highlights:

  • How there's power and investment when a consumer's world view aligns with a brand's story
  • What the 5 parts to a great business about page are
  • What a good copywriter should do + where to find them
  • How to be vulnerable and still be seen as a professional
  • How to cultivate more vulnerability in life
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Show Notes: 

Ashlyn’s Bio:

Ashlyn is a calligrapher and copywriter for creatives, helping simplify storytelling for creative women. She came alongside clients like Delta Air Lines, Chick-fil-A, Orkin, and Woodruff Arts Center to tell their stories at a full-service PR firm — and then worked as publicist branding for celebrity chef Ford Fry. Now? She strings words copywriting websites for creativepreneurs, and slings ink as a calligrapher. When not writing about herself in third person, she’s usually trying to scratch the ink off her fingernails or grabbing margs and tacos with her husband.

Ashlyn’s Social Handles: