34: How to Build a Business with Passion and Purpose, with the Scobeys - the Creative Empire podcast

Passionate + purpose driven photographer duo Graham and Ashley Scobey are Reina and Christina's guests this episode. They talk about how their business was leading them to burn out and how they came up with the three things that make up their purpose: people, moments, and relationships. Every single decision the Scobeys make for their business, they filter through that purpose. They talk about their motto being "you are never stuck" and how it empowers them to lean into fear and be okay with what their purpose is. Both of them advocate for the abundance mindset because it allows for more and more possibilities. Next, the Scobeys discuss the way to find your why is to figure out what your own dream really is and how it's so much deeper than what you do for a living. Lastly, they talk about how it's possible for them to work together as a couple. 


Show Highlights:

  • How they found their purpose + why and rebuilt their business around that
  • How outsourcing + getting specific in their brand helped them transition to a business that supports their life instead of their life revolving around their business
  • How living in the abundance mindset helps them get unstuck + actually creates more opportunities
  • What it takes for them as a married couple to work together

Show Notes:

The Scobey's Bio:

Graham + Ashley held hands for the first time when they were twelve. He had a blonde bowl cut and she was wearing argyle knee-highs. Eighteen years later, they still like holding hands, but they've left the bad hair and tall socks behind. They are the husband and wife team behind Scobey Photography. They've been recognized as Rising Stars of Wedding Photography by Rangefinder magazine, and their work has received awards such as Junebug's Best of the Best, PDN Top Knots, and Showit's Image of the Year. More importantly, though, they are in constant search of ridiculous places to have dance parties and tickle fights with their two kids. Because, for them, life is all about how much fun you can have with the people you love.

The Scobey's Social Handles:

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