Episode 37: How to Create Meaningful Client Relationships, with Laura Joseph - the Creative Empire podcast

On this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast Laura Joseph of Paper & Honey discusses creating meaningful client relationships. She firstly talks about transitioning from her 9-5 to take her side hustle full time. She elaborates on how she took this leap of faith, creates what she loves, and continues to be fearless in what she wants as a creative. Laura explains how to find your ideal client and then truly connect with them. She talks about how she moves with what clients want and need from her, without compromising her integrity or vision.


Show Highlights:

  • How to transition from your 9-5 to taking your side hustle full time
  • How to move with what clients want and need from you (without compromising)
  • How to take the leap of faith and create what you love
  • How to find your ideal clients and truly connect with them
  • How to be fearless in what you want as a creative
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Show Notes:

Laura's Bio:

Laura lives in Brighton, Michigan where she spends her days with a calligraphy pen in one hand and a mug of French roast coffee in the other. Some of her favorite things are getting to know someone over a glass of wine (or craft beer — she doesn’t discriminate!), the smell of opening her windows for the first time after a long winter, or finding a good documentary on Netflix. Paper & Honey began as a cubicle-confined dream back in 2012, coming to life in early 2014. She believes in having a kind and human-centered heart, living with intention and purpose, working hard to make the incredible happen, and finding inspiration in the strangest of places.

Laura’s Social Handles: